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Delivers a fast, reliable and cheap parcel delivery service to over 220 countries. We don't ask our customers to choose between cost and quality. We deliver both.We offer worldwide parcel services from the world's best couriers including DHL, UPS & DPD at savings of up to 70% and use smart technology to make sending parcels easy.

Logistics Services

Fast Wave Delivery Service is a leading Provider of multi-faced logistics and transportation solutions...

24/7 Customer Service

Our highly trained customer service professionals ensure that every client is thoroughly satisfied. By providing customized solutions to all your logistics needs, you can sit back and relax... we've got you covered!

Same Day Delivery

We guarantee same day and next-day delivery within Utah and across the country within 72 hours. Our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure also allows for multiple rescheduling opportunities to suit the customer's needs.

Express Delivery Services

Fast Wave International deliveries are via the ARAMEX (UK) LTD networks in over 200 countries across the globe

Reliable and Secure

Our licensed and insured riders treat each package with utmost care and constantly deliver with safety in mind. Our 100% successful delivery target ensures that items are never lost or stolen.

Track Your Shipment

Our operations are supported by real-time web and mobile tracking tools - so you always know where your package is.

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Our suppliers are partners in our efforts to develop market share by fulfilling customersí need.


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Why Choose us?

Global supply Chain Solutions

We offer flexible supply chain solutions that help you reduce cost and mitigate risks.

24 Hours - Technical Support

We specialize in international freight forwarding of merchandise and associated logistic services

Mobile Shipment Tracking

We offer intelligent and responsive solutions for tracking your shipments from drop-off to final delivery.

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

We provide appropriate packaging and preservative measures to ensure the integrity of your shipments, especially temperature controlled shipments.

Where Is My Package?